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Vintage Kohno Guitars

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             Jose Oribe Calidad Suprema  

Sold Kohno Guitars
 Kohno guitar 1978 no 20    Kohno guitar 1971      
      1967 Kohno Terz Guitar  1967 no 5
        1973 no 8  1962_630mm   1967 Kohno no 5      1963 Kohno no 6201973_Kohno_no20 sold
1972 No 8 640mm sold  1969 Kohno Sold!1962 Kohno sold Vintage Kohno guitars



Each guitar has its own page where you can hear the quality of sound and get a complete picture of what you are purchasing. These are all used vintage instruments, all will have some cosmetic flaws and those will be pictured and noted.  We hope you enjoy looking at these fine quality guitars.  Be sure to read our page on Masaru (Ken) Kohno.  Instruments are valued on rarity, condition and sound quality.


Purchase a guitar with confidence.

Guitars are accurately rated.on quality of sound and appearance.  I hold a pefrormance degree from UNM and was an associate professor under Hector Garcia.  I also studied four summers in Cervera Spain with Emilio Pujol.  Recordings of each instrument enable you to choose the best guitar that fits your budget and desired sound. These instruments have been checked, adjusted and repaired as needed. Action is set to the most comfortable for a finger nail player with a strong technique.