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Vintage Kohno Guitars

1977 Jose Oribe Calidad Suprema $5,200

1977 Jose Oribe Calidad Suprema1977 Oribe Calidad Suprema1977 Oribe Calidad Suprema1977 Jose Oribe Calidad suprema1977 Jose Oribe1977 Jose Oribe1977 Jose Oribe1977 Oribe Calidad Suprema

1977 Jose Oribe 1977 Oribe Calidad SupremaOribe guitar1977 Oribe guitar1977 Oribe1977 Jose Oribe1977 Jose Oribe guitar1977 Oribe guitar



I purchased this guitar from Jose Oribe in 1977. It has been used
for concerts and numerous recordings. Outstanding is how I describe
it. You may find another guitar that plays and feels as good, but I
seriously doubt you'll ever beat the Oribe. Hector Garcia who was
Emilio Pujol's assistant in Spain said he preferred it to the Torres
that Pujol owned. I played that Torres it had a Tornavoz..I
showed the guitar to a luthier friend of mine who commented that it's some
of the nicest brazilian rosewood he had ever seen. Not
much elaboration is needed. The pictures and recording tell the



Purchase a guitar with confidence.

Guitars are accurately rated.on quality of sound and appearance.  I hold a pefrormance degree from UNM and was an associate professor under Hector Garcia.  I also studied four summers in Cervera Spain with Emilio Pujol.  Recordings of each instrument enable you to choose the best guitar that fits your budget and desired sound. These instruments have been checked, adjusted and repaired as needed. Action is set to the most comfortable for a finger nail player with a strong technique.