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Guitar arrived safe and sound.  I love the 640 scale and the chunky neck profile.  This is possibly the best guitar I've ever owned.  There's no substitue for a 37 year aged spruce top. Big rich base, clear trebles, with both substance and volumn, and perfectly balanced throughout it's full tonal range.   Magnificent!  Many thanks, 
Steve J. 



The guitar arrived late in the afternoon yesterday.  I find it quite beautiful.  At the first the sound was a bit dull (as you predicted) but is already brightening after just a few hours of play)  I am very happy with it, the tuners are great!

Thank you for making such a great guitar available.  As I said before I amquite happy with it and evem considering selling some other guitars in my collection as I am not going to be playing them very often at all.

Claude S.


Bill, I'm sure I'll have more to say later, but for now: what a jewel.  This guitar is what I was hoping it would be and more.  It's my first time playing a 60s Kohno.  Thank you and your luthier for the beautiful job on the nut, and the action is perfect "though I did raise the treble side a little".  It looks like he (or you) cleaned up the fretboard as well, and the tuners work great.  I appreciate those details. By the way I used to go down to GSI when I lived in Santa Barbara, and got to play all their instruments.  I've played Hauser I and II's, a couple of Torres', Bouchet, and most of the guitars of majors luthiers of the 20th cent. on those visits and elsewhere.  If this '65 is a representative of Kohno's work in the '60s, I'd put him up agaist Hauser, or anything of the others easily, and I'd probably prefer the Kohno.    

James Bishops-Edwards

Terz arrived safe and sound.  It's really wonderful, and I'll be playing it Saturday; fun!  I immediately changed the strings to Savarez light tension basses and normal tension trebles.  Sounds great.  It's cute how he even made the rosette to scale.   I just got through rehearsing for tomorrow's guitar quartet concert.  The Terz is being used in a big Carulli Sonata and it worked beautifully; coming through sweet, strong, and clear with no problem of balance with the other 3 standard guitars.  You would have enjoyed hearing it perform, and I think Kohno would have been smiling too; I was. :)  

James Bishops-Edwards




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