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Vintage Kohno Guitars

                                             1973 No. 20 $3,750


The No 20 was the top model produced by Masaru Kohno in 1973.  It is a spruce soundboard with the best rosewood avbailable on back and sides. Tuners are manufactured by Sloan and are silver plated.. Numbers 5, 8, 10, and 20 are documented. It was double the cost of a number 10. This is a very sonorus guitar. Tremendous harmonic overtones on almost every note are evident in the recording. Very well balanced, powerful, and excellent cosmetic condition for a guitar of its age. There are small surface blemishes,  2 or 3 small dings shown in the photos but no major dings and no cracks.  New frets were just installed by Steve Walter stevenwaltersguitars.com. By 1976 Kohno's documented models were Numbers 10,15, 20, and 30.

This is a 660mm scale and the nut is 53mm it has the Ramirez style neck which feels very much like the 1A models built by Ramirez in the 70's. The tuners are Lanstorfer and appear to be original.  I have seen these on ocassion on his top models in the early 70's. Gotoh were his primary tuner.


Purchase a guitar with confidence.

Guitars are accurately rated.on quality of sound and appearance.  I hold a pefrormance degree from UNM and was an associate professor under Hector Garcia.  I also studied four summers in Cervera Spain with Emilio Pujol.  Recordings of each instrument enable you to choose the best guitar that fits your budget and desired sound. These instruments have been checked, adjusted and repaired as needed. Action is set to the most comfortable for a finger nail player with a strong technique.