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Vintage Kohno Guitars

1969 No 10 near mint condition $4,500


Constructed just 2 years after winning the Belgium concourse judged by Manuel De Falla, Robert Bouchet, Alerio Diaz, and Ignacio Fleta. Fleta remarked how much Kohno's guitar resembled his. No surprise since Kohno had brought back a Fleta on his earlier trip to Spain. Back at his shop the guitar was carefully studied and the rest is history.  For those looking for a guitar with the quality of a Fleta without the price tag this is for you. Incredible sounding guitar and will hold its own against the 60's Fletas. This instrument is in near mint condition as the photos show. Listen to the recording and you will hear what I'm talking about. Rare opportunity to oun a guitar that looks and sounds so good.



Purchase a guitar with confidence.

Guitars are accurately rated.on quality of sound and appearance.  I hold a pefrormance degree from UNM and was an associate professor under Hector Garcia.  I also studied four summers in Cervera Spain with Emilio Pujol.  Recordings of each instrument enable you to choose the best guitar that fits your budget and desired sound. These instruments have been checked, adjusted and repaired as needed. Action is set to the most comfortable for a finger nail player with a strong technique.