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Vintage Kohno Guitars

1963 No 620   648mm scale $3,250

 Rare 1963 Kohno plays and sounds like a gem.  Top of the line German Reubner tuners are as smooth a silk. Brand new frets and no neck issues, the playability is great. Plenty of room to lower the action if desired. Condition is excellent. There are a couple of what I call streaming tears under the finish and those are depicted in photos. The soundboard (top) is near flawless.

 This guitar falls into the period after Kohno returned from his 6 month visit in Spain in 1960 and pre 1967 when he was catapulted to international fame after winning the prestigious Belgium Concourse. This guitar was built with Kohnos hand before he added many workers to his shop. There are two warps in the siding on either side of the back. Hardly noticeble and of no impact to the stability or sound of the instrument. They fall into the category of minor cosmetic flaws.  These early Kohnos are nearly impossible to find in this condition.



Purchase a guitar with confidence.

Guitars are accurately rated.on quality of sound and appearance.  I hold a pefrormance degree from UNM and was an associate professor under Hector Garcia.  I also studied four summers in Cervera Spain with Emilio Pujol.  Recordings of each instrument enable you to choose the best guitar that fits your budget and desired sound. These instruments have been checked, adjusted and repaired as needed. Action is set to the most comfortable for a finger nail player with a strong technique.